Hand Print Heart Craft

This Hand Print Heart Craft is perfect for Mother’s Day. It’s super simple. Uses stuff you already have around the house. And decorates a homemade card quite nicely. Oh, did I mention it is easy?!

Handprint heart craft

Hand Print Heart Craft

You will need:

  • computer paper (or coloured paper if you prefer
  • scissors (I used my fav. Fiscars scissors as always)
  • pencil
  • hands

hand print heart craft

  1. Take computer paper and fold one piece in half
  2. Trace your hand on one side *NOTE: there is a trick to this below!
  3. Cut out hand print
  4. Unfold and see your fantastic master piece for Mom (or Grandma or aunt or friend).

So the trick to the whole thing (and really if you ignore this it won’t work out at all and you’ll have to schlep to the store and buy a generic Mother’s Day card which will add a whole extra errand to your day instead of having fun doing arts & crafts with your kids…)

Hand print Heart Craft

THE TRICK: Your thumb and index finger run beyond the folded edge! This will connect the two hand prints together along with making a heart in the middle. See how the pink curve line forms half a heart?! That’s it. That’s the trick. So cut the hand print heart craft starting on the open edge (cut both sides of the paper. And continue cutting keeping the thumb and index finger running beyond the folded edge. It’s a simple trick but so important.

If you are looking for ways to occupy themselves while you enjoy your Mother’s Day, then I suggest for older kids this little tutorial on making a Juice Box Wallet while lil’ ones can try  this Kids paper crafts: kid crafts t-shirt tutorial.

Happy Mother’s Day all!


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