Endless by Diane Kroe Review

When I saw Diane Kroe at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto I knew I had to share her designs…seriously, this will make your life easier when it comes to packing! Her philosophy is “Have Fun and Travel Light” – how more perfect can that be for busy Moms travelling with families?! Planning a trip soon – then you will want to read my Endless by Diane Kroe Review…

Endless by Diane Kroe Review

Endless by Diane Kroe Review

  1. One Shoulder Top
  2. Scarf
  3. Off Shoulder Wrap
  4. Halter Top
  5. Poncho
  6. Dress
  7. Skirt

This one-size-fits-most piece is a great addition to your suitcase. I love how this 1 outfit can turn into 7 different looks (think: resort, European vacation, cruise). The fabric is light and easily washable. I note that it’s one-size-fits-most because I fit into 6 of the 7 possible variations (as a skirt it the opening was a tad too big for me…however, I am more slender than the average lady).

However, I would certainly recommend it for any lady. As busy Moms, we are often packing for everyone else and leave our own packing to the last minute (and often run out of suitcase room). Diane’s outfits are easily packable (read: you don’t have to iron!). And the functionality factor of these items is not to be missed.

Diane Kroe is a Canadian designer with a complete collection of convertible dresses, tops, and pants. Her wardrobe really does allow you to pack lighter. I have a fashion crush on her Convertible Dress (think: weddings, events, parties, travel, work, date night!).

And if you need more reasons to love Diane…

“My design philosophy is to create timeless yet functional clothing for women who love to travel.    I am committed to supporting our economy by continuing to design and manufacture quality merchandise here in Canada.”

Diane Kroe

Canadian, functional, fashionable…is this not a great find?!


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