Spanish Appetizers

Tapas anyone? Over the years of being married – almost 20 years now…yes, I was 12 when we got hitched ;-)…anyways, over the years, I have learnt how to put out a table of food fit to please any mediterranean family. Manchego, Chorizo, Jamón serrano and assorted Charcuterie-Spanish – all my go-to Spanish appetizers before a lunch of Paella Valencia. You may never see me eat…but I do like to cook.

Aside: Me not eat?  You know I don’t eat…remember Mom’s weight, eating and body image?


  1. Olives (always a crowd pleaser)
  2. Jamón serrano (a dried ham – kind of like the Spanish cousin to the Italian Prosciutto)
  3. Chorizo (spicy sausage thinly sliced)
  4. Charcuterie-Spanish (the last charcuterie pictured is a sort of spanish salami

Appetizer plates have become a family activity as my 11-year-old helped me cut, roll and plate the tapas. I kinda love sharing the work and teaching her how to work in a kitchen.


  1. Baguette slices and mini-toasts
  2. Charcuterie and olive plate
  3. Manchego cheese (Spanish cheese – somewhat salty – a bit like asiago)



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