Fisher-Price FastFinder Diaper Bag Review

The Fisher-Price FastFinder Diaper Bag comes with 4 four external pockets helping you to find baby’s pacifier, diaper, bottle and wipes faster. Fisher-Price is a leader is toys and baby gear thus they are a go-to for diaper bags. This easy wipe bag comes with a reinforced footed bottom, change pad and wipe case. Need to know more about the Fisher-Price FastFinder Diaper bag?…We reviewed it!

THE WHAT: Fisher-Price FastFinder Diaper Bag (Deluxe Sporty Diaper Backpack to be exact).  A backpack style diaper bag which comes with a sturdy handle on top, padded shoulder straps and back all making it an easy carry-all.

imageTHE HOW: Neutral for parents or grandparents to carry.  Comes with two universal stroller straps to attach it to whatever you are pushing.

imageTHE FISHER-PRICE SMART BRANDING: The pacifier pocket’s zipper fob is the classic Fisher-Price stacker toy. The stackers are repeated on the bottom of the bag as the feet of the diaper bag. Smart way to connect the toys branding with the bag branding (also practical fob and feet!).

imageTHE FOUR FASTFINDER POCKETS: an insulated bottle pocket (I can put an 8oz bottle in it), a pacifier pocket, a diaper pocket and an external wipe pocket (the latter oh so smart – so that you don’t have to dive into your diaper bag for a wipe during a diaper change). I like that each of the pockets has a little image tag – so that if someone else is using your bag (Hi Grandma!) they can easily find what they need fast.

imageTHE INSIDE SCOOP: Contrasting colour helps you find what you need (read: you are not looking into a black hole). Elasticized pockets help organize your stuff. Comes with padded change mat and which is held within its own pocket inside the diaper bag. The bag is extra-large allowing you to hold baby blanket, toys, snacks, and other gear easily.

I would like to see the next generation of Fisher-Price bag come with a FastFinder phone pocket for Mom (so that I can get to that call quick!).

As a Mom of three, who depends on a diaper bag, I really like the Fisher-Price FastFinder Backpack diaper bag. It keeps me hands-free so my hands can carry, cuddle, and care to my kids. I love this bag.

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says

    I seriously need this bag. There seems to be a black hole in my diaper bag that everything falls into and disappears.

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