How To Organize Kid Gear

Read on for a time-saving (and sanity saving!) tip to organize your summer kid gear – sunglasses and sun hats!

The summer “drop and run” season is upon us when kids drop their stuff – kinda everywhere – and run on to the next activity (usually a snack or a bathroom rush if we are dropping in from an outside activity).

I have grown tired of the “Mommy where are my sunglasses?” question.  This is what is working for us to answer that question…

 THE SUNGLASS BASKET.  Put them in after use.  Find them for your next use.

The kids are used to having a specific spot for their stuff (um…school hooks for example).  This gives them a dumping ground that is somewhat organized.

Now where are my keys?…


  1. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says

    Love this idea! I usually put my son’s sunglasses inside his hat so that they are always together.

  2. says

    Great idea. I have a basket during the winter at our door.. for hats, mitts and scarfs. That way we are always prepared and ready at the last minute even with the *oh I need this*

  3. amy lovell says

    love this idea. We use baskets for everything\! We also have a hanging frog in her closet with compartments for other stuff as well. Makes life soo much more easier.

  4. Bici Love says

    I have only done this for winter gear, Great idea for summer, I don’t know why I never thought of it thanks for the tip

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