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So it’s not everyday you tweet with a real life astronaut… As always comments appreciated and links to your own #WordlessWednesday posts most welcome! For more family features follow Parent Club on Bloglovin  Twitter  Facebook  Pinterest  Instagram

Essential Class Supplies

Essential Class Supplies

As a Mom of 3, I know which Essential Class Supplies are on the optional school supply list every year. These items never change. Staples that every teacher we have had – has requested – in day 1 of school paperwork (it’s not mandatory – but the teacher does make it clear that these essential […]

Kids Activity Bags

Kids Travel Activity Bag

Call it a busy bag, travel kit, or kids activity bags – these tips will help keep your kids entertained while en route. From day trip to road trip to international flight…I have filled my share of kids activity bags. Here are my kids activity bags suggestions… Kids Activity Bags Put all your kid travel activities in […]



Reclaim the real. The true ground of our being is nested within family and community that births us., and within Nature that sustains us. Ground yourself in the real. Now, more than ever know your roots. — #lightwebdarkweb Raffi (Homeland Press, 2013) That quote is my take-away, as a parent and social media user, from […]

Parent Club Profiles: Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy

Name please. Lori Kennedy. I’m a registered holistic nurse. Your Website? http://www.lorikennedyrhn.com/blog/ What’s your absolute specialty? (work-wise – you’re probably pretty special at a lot of things): Understanding the magic of food and how specific foods have the ability to make us feel light, energetic and vibrant or bloated, tired and angry. I believe the key to health […]

How To: Homemade iPod Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

This next D.I.Y. is terror-ific! Creating a homemade Halloween costume is simple by following this How To: Homemade iPod Costume tutorial. Using stuff you already have around the house – you can easily (and cheaply!) make a homemade ipod costume. My daughter had a blast making this… For a homemade iPod costume you will need: […]

Non-Food Halloween Treats

10 halloween treats

Trick or Treat! 10 Halloween Treats specifically. These non-food Halloween treats are sure to scare up some fun for little monsters with braces, gluten sensitivity and/or food allergies. From Halloween rings to ghostly pencils…these treats are spooktacular. Easy to find and actually very low cost…these 10 Halloween Treats will make for a real ghoul time!   […]