SIGG Bottle Review & Giveaway

Sigg Bottle Review & Giveaway

I always have a reusable stainless steel bottle filled with water with me for sips-on-the-go.  We take them to the park, the kids carry them to school, they are in arms-reach on any family vacation.  It being back-to-school season – you might be looking for new gear. This SIGG Bottle Review & Giveaway will make back to shopping […]

Dempster’s Healthy Ways Bread

Dempster's Healthy Way Bread

As a Mom who tries to offer the best nutritional choices for her kids (it’s doesn’t always happen – sometimes you have to indulge in an ice cream cone right?!) thus I am always on the look out for new ways to switch up their regular foods. Introducing Dempster’s Healthy Ways Bread – it’s a new […]

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

vtech Kidizoom SMARTWATCH

Introducing the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch for kids aged 4+ years. It’s a portable, fun-tastic, kid device allowing your kids to become mini-photographers; taking photos and video from the smartest kid watch around. Easy to pack, fun to play, and rechargeable too…you are going to want to get this… About VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch Camera, video, and photo effects (fun frames and […]

Introducting TD Mobile Payment App

TD Mobile Payment

Some days, I only take my phone and house keys when we head out to the park (let’s lighten the load right?!). And of course, that’s those are the days I need to get milk and bread. Or buy lunch for the kids. Introducing TD Mobile Payment App – a solution to the phone-and-key-parents like […]

Boredom Busters Idea Jar

Boredom Busters Idea Jar

Harry Potter had the sorting hat. Katniss Everdeen had the reaping. I give you the Boredom Busters Idea Jar! This is an activity and plan-for-the-day in one! Kids will love it…and parents will too because it brings an end to the question “Mom…what are we going to do today?…” during school breaks. Whatever boredom buster you […]