Coupon Clipping Tips

Coupon Clipping Tips

Coupon Clipping Tips – tips on how to save money using coupons for everyday household items. These tips will save you money and time!… Coupon Clipping Tips Carry your coupons with you. I know I’ve clipped and saved only to get to the store and realize I left my coupons at home (and then I […]

UGO Wallet Start Your Wallet

UGO Wallet Mobile Payment App1

UGO Wallet Start Your Wallet. Start what? Start making your wallet a little lighter to carry (you don’t need to carry all those cards!). Start organizing (put those cards in one place so you know where to find them when you need them). Start using your smart phone in smarter ways (have you heard about UGO Wallet […]

Nexcare Summer Play Kit #Giveaway


Boo Boos happen in summer – it’s simply a fact (my son’s scraped knees are proof). This Nexcare Summer Play Kit #Giveaway will make treating summer boo boos a little easier… About Nexcare Sensitive Skin Products…   Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Products are clinically designed for fragile and sensitive skin. That means me. And my son. […]

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at the Toronto castle is one of my favourite family destinations and attractions in the city. Step back in time and discover a world of thrills and fun… Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament At walking into the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Toronto Castle – you pick up your tickets […]

Sunscreen Tips

Suncreen Tips Aveeno

Don’t get burned! And I note this from someone who burns every. single. year.  These Sunscreen Tips are for all of us to prevent sun burns and stay sun safe this summer!… Sunscreen Tips Put sunscreen at the door. I recently had a meeting in an office that had an outdoor patio – and beside […]

Rubbermaid Lunchblox® Kid Friendly Lunches

Rubbermaid Lunchblox Kid Friendly Lunches

Rubbermaid Lunchblox® kid-friendly lunch containers have made my lunch packing easier! Everything is organized (which I love), the foods are separated (which my kids love), and it all packs into a standard size lunch bag (which everyone loves). Discovering a creative and healthy packed lunch can brighten a kids’ day…so why not add your own […]

Carefree Hack Chat Twitter Party


I am all about encouraging women to feel more confident. I’m also all in for sharing tips and hacks to make life easier. Put these two ideas together and we have the Carefree Hack Chat Twitter Party… Note: The giveaway below is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.    Carefree Hack Chat Twitter Party The […]

Ovulation: Tips For Getting Pregnant

Baby in tummy

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dave Greenberg at a pregnancy preparedness Q&A session hosted by First response. Pregnancy can seem effortless for some couples, yet can be a struggle for others. From that conversation, I am sharing some of the tidbits of knowledge I gleaned which might make your conception a […]

Parent Club Flash Giveaway

Parent Club Flash Giveaway rules. Open only to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years +. RT for a chance to win. Remember to include hashtag. Flash giveaway ends 6PM ET day of first tweet from me. Winner will be randomly chosen.

Easter Basket Craft

Preschooler Easter Basket Craft

A tisket. A tasket. Want to make an Easter basket? Even though it doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet – we’ve started to do some kids Spring activities to decorate the house. This Easter Basket Craft was a hit with my three year old… NOTE: this post is from the archives but still timely (and […]

How To Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Activities

Knowing how to dye Easter eggs comes in handy every Spring; measuring ingredients, dropping food colouring, and dunking hard-boiled eggs – its total hands on fun (plus, it makes for a fantastic Easter table decoration!). My kids LOVE this activity and I bet yours will too…here’s How To Dye Easter Eggs… How To Dye Easter Eggs… You will […]