Ovulation: Tips For Getting Pregnant

Baby in tummy

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Dave Greenberg at a pregnancy preparedness Q&A session hosted by First response. Pregnancy can seem effortless for some couples, yet can be a struggle for others. From that conversation, I am sharing some of the tidbits of knowledge I gleaned which might make your conception a […]

Parent Club Flash Giveaway

Parent Club Flash Giveaway rules. Open only to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec, 18 years +. RT for a chance to win. Remember to include hashtag. Flash giveaway ends 6PM ET day of first tweet from me. Winner will be randomly chosen.

Easter Basket Craft

Preschooler Easter Basket Craft

A tisket. A tasket. Want to make an Easter basket? Even though it doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet – we’ve started to do some kids Spring activities to decorate the house. This Easter Basket Craft was a hit with my three year old… NOTE: this post is from the archives but still timely (and […]

How To Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Activities

Knowing how to dye Easter eggs comes in handy every Spring; measuring ingredients, dropping food colouring, and dunking hard-boiled eggs – its total hands on fun (plus, it makes for a fantastic Easter table decoration!). My kids LOVE this activity and I bet yours will too…here’s How To Dye Easter Eggs… How To Dye Easter Eggs… You will […]

Reinvent Your Eye Style with ClearlyContacts.ca


My glasses are my main fashion/style accessory.  I have multiple pairs of glasses because I like to reinvent my eye style depending on the occasion. Here is how you can easily (and budget-friendly) Reinvent Your Eye Style with ClearlyContacts.ca… My eye style pictured above: Derek Cardigan 7030 Amber Haze I do like to switch up my […]

Favourite Free Fonts Spring

Favourite Free Fonts Spring

These Favourite Free Fonts Spring are perfect for invitations, cards, scrapbooking, poster making, DIY projects, blog inspiration and more. Favourite Free Fonts Spring KBLovitdown Architects Daughter Bubblegum Sans Mathilde Curlz MT Pharmacy Ravie Simply Glamerous Jenna Sue DK Crayon Crumble KBPLanetEarth The fonts above are available for free download from sites like Font Squirrel and/or […]

ACCESS Toronto Demi Pair Program

ACCESS Toronto Demi Pair Program

I am a big cheerleader in cultural exchange programs. My husband was an exchange student. I have a Teacher of English as a Second Language certificate. For years, we welcomed foreign students into our home as a homestay family. This is why I want to share with my Toronto readers the ACCESS Toronto Demi Pair Program…as […]

Cheese Plate Ideas

Cheese plate ideas

Who doesn’t love Cheese Plate Ideas? From informal appetizers to kids’ finger food to fancy party entertaining; a cheese plate is a crowd pleaser on any table! You cheddar believe it (c’mon, that cheese pun was gouda right?)… Cheese Plate Ideas Present an assortment of cheese: sharp, mild, firm, and creamy for your cheese plate. Pick a cheese (or […]

Crayola Colour Alive GIVEAWAY

Crayola Colour Alive

My kids (age 4 – 14 years old) all like being creative – which is why we have always had a stock of Crayola products in our house (also handy to have on hand as presents when class birthday invites come home). Crayola Colour Alive is a new generation of colouring where kids’ colouring pages come […]

Spring Break Ideas

Spring Break Activity Ideas

No one wants to hear “I’m bored” this week – so I’ve put together some Spring Break Ideas to bust kid boredom. It’s a mash up of reader favourites, my favourites, and even new Spring Break Ideas. So whether you need Spring Break Ideas at home or Spring Break Ideas while you travel…this is the remedy […]

Thomas & Friends Giveaway

Thomas & Friends Giveaway

Favourite toys are play things and childhood memories. What was your favourite childhood toy? What is the fav toy of your kids these days? This Thomas & Friends Giveaway is to encourage us all to play… ABOUT Thomas & Friends Giveaway The bond that you see between a tiny Thomas fan and their Thomas toys […]