Seventh Generation Home Detox Tips and #Giveaway

My windows are open. Every. Single. Summer. Day. I always thought this was a “good for the soul” idea but now I know it’s a natural home detox tip. Now because I have read up on Seventh Generation Home Detox Tips and I am sharing them with you…and teaser: there’s a #Giveaway below to help make your natural home detox a little easier…

Natural Air Freshner cinnamon and hot water

Proof knowledge sharing on the Internet is a good thing. I had seen @weewelcome and @SeventhGen tweeting about natural air freshner ideas for the home and decided to give it a try. So EASY! I boiled water, added cinnamon and nutmeg into a mason jar and placed it onto my mantel (right next to my son’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar craft).  My house smelled like Christmas!

7 Steps For a Do-It-Yourself Home Detox

  1. OPEN THE WINDOWS. Air inside is often more polluted than outdoor air. Monitor the quality of the air inside your home and open your windows daily to ventilate, and avoid room fresheners or sprays that contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances.

  2. LEAVE SHOES AT THE DOOR. Roughly 70 percent of household dust, pests, pollutants and dirt (which often contains lead and chemicals) are tracked indoors on the bottom of shoes.

  3. PLANT MORE INDOOR PLANTS. Plants don’t just brighten your home; they can also help absorb impurities in the air

  4. CLEAN WITH PLANT BASED OR DIY CLEANERS. Choose plant-based household cleaning products that are free of harsh solvents, dyes and synthetic fragrances. From floors to dishes to the air inside your home, clean the surfaces kids play on and the things that can end up in little mouths with toxin-free products.

  5. SLEEP ON ORGANIC AND OR NATURAL FIBRES. When purchasing blankets or bedding for your family, aim for certified organic and/or natural fibres that are lighter in colour (less harsh dying) and avoid those marked as permanent press, easy care or no iron – all of which can contain formaldehyde.

  6. DETOX YOUR HOME FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. Tackle weeds and pests without chemicals. Spray your lawn with white vinegar or spread a natural mulch over affected areas

  7. CHOOSE TOYS MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIALS. Purchase toys, cribs, and bedding made from natural materials, like solid woods with non-toxic finishes and natural textiles like organic cotton or wool.

Source: Seventh Generation



Enter for a chance to win this amazing Seventh Generation Home Detox Kit. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. 

Seventh Generation Home Detox Kit:

  • Seventh Generation Free & Clear Automatic Dishwasher Powder
  • Seventh Generation Granite and Stone Cleaner
  • Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Stain Remover
  • Seventh Generation 2X Concentrated Laundry Detergent in Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender
  • Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid in Lemongrass & Clementine
  • Seventh Generation Cypress & Fir Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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House Of Botori Review and #Giveaway

Fashion, function, comfort…these are all the things I look for in a diaper bag. In this House of Bortori Review we review the Amara Shoulder Bag…does this diaper bag have everything baby and parent needs to make life easier?…PLUS a #Giveaway below you will not want to miss!


House of Botori Review


House of Botori was born from the desire to bring bright, bold patterns to chic and style-lovin’ moms and babies everywhere. We’re setting the fashion bar just a little higher, but keeping it well within your reach. Our high-quality and affordable gear is designed to get you through your busy days with class, sass and panache.

The first takeaway you need to have in this House of Botori Review is what you’ll find inside the bag: Baby Zone and Mom Zone. Unlike other diaper bags – the House of Botori has taken into account that parents and kids require seperate and organized sections in a diaper bag. This is a fantastic feature.

House of Botori Review

The Amara Shoulder Bag

With eleven compartments this bag is organized. In the Mom Zone you will find a zippered pocket for valuables. Key fob, 2 wide expandable pockets for cell phone and other necessities.  And 2 pen pockets. In the Baby Zone you will find 2 extra wide bottle pockets (insulated with eco-friendly PEVA and fits multiple bottle sizes). Alson with 2 extra large pockets for diapers and wipes and a very roomy middle area of bag for change of clothes, toys, blankets and more.

The Amara Shoulder Bag is fully zippered (so nothing will topple out) and comes with tote handles as well as a long shoulder strap (allowing you to carry it as a tote or messenger style or sling).

The Amara Should Bag also comes with (and all matching the vibrate fabric of the bag): an insulated bottle holder (great for keeping water cool!), change pad, wet clothes bag, and mini pouch (great for soothers). It also has four feet at the base.

Of all the reviews I have done…this House of Botori Review probably had the most work…no only was it tested for a day at the park…it was tested as on a family vacation…

House of Botori Review

That’s me and the House of Botori bag in France. If you have ever taken a diaper bag on a plane and then on vacation – you know the kind of testing it went through. It had to be the diaper bag, Mom tote, snack bag, change of clothes bag, activity bag, and purse all in one. And my findings?…


Very comfortable to carry (and that is #1 when I look at reviews). The pockets kept everything organized and within arms-reach (I used the magnet pockets to keep small toys handy for the “I’m tired” kid meltdowns).  I wore it both as a tote and messenger style (and I add: Papa also carried it messenger style; proving this is a solid Dad bag). The colour was netural enough to go with any outfit. Recommend!


Eneehi Roving Nursing Clutch - Adire Sand

Enter for a chance to win Eneehi nursing clutch (colour choice at discretion of House of Botori). This clutch opens into a nursing cover; providing privacy and comfort to both you and nursing baby. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. Also open to residents of the U.S., excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Western Territories and Hawaii. 18 yrs and older. 

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First Aid Kit Tips and Polysporin #Giveaway

I’m the Mom who always carries a mini first aid kit. I have one in the van. And one in my bag. For the falls at the park, the scrapes while bike riding, and the stumbles in stores. To take care of the everyday wounds that my kids get in the summer – here is my list for what to pack in a first aid kit…and a little Polysporin #Giveaway below to help stock your own first aid kit.


First Aid Kit Tips

And aside: these are my own, personal, first aid kit tips…I am not a medical professional…

First off, stay calm. I know we all tend to freeze and then freak out when our kids get hurt. Take a deep breath. Assess the situation. Is your child breathing? Conscious? Bleeding profusely? If this is the case…call 911 immediately.

Secondly, if it’s a minor cut, scrape, burn, or other wound reassure your child that they will be fine (and yes, a hug goes a long way too).

Clean wound as best you can (I always pack a water bottle in my day trip bag – handy for sips as well as cleaning cuts). A spare baby wash cloth in a clean zip lock bag is also a great item to use to clean a cut. Next I spray some Poly-TO-GO First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Reliving Spray (I love how it is compact to carry yet provides the protection you need against infection). I then follow up with a kids’ band aid (band aids make everything better right?).

Depending on how grave is the wound - I might follow up with some Polysporin Kids Cream for a few nights to speed up the healing. And yes, whether we are home or on vacation…I have my first aid kit with me…because hurt happens.


  •  Heals 4 days faster
  •  Product line is best suited for minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Soothing ointment forms protective coating
  • #1 Doctor Recommended anti-infective brand
  • Non-stinging & odourless


polysporin Giveaway

Polysporin and Parent Club want to help you build a great first aid kit to help make your healing easier. Enter for a chance to win this awesome Polysporin bundle. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec, only. 

  • POLY-TO-GO First Aid Antiseptic / Pain Relieving Spray
  •  Polysporin Complete Ointment
  •  Polysporin Kids Cream
  • Polysporin Plus Pain Relief Cream
  • Kids BAND-AIDS

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Summer Travel Essentials #Giveaway

Summer Travel Essentials #Giveaway


Summer is here (finally!). My summer calendar includes family field trips, beach visits, days at the park, and fun in the sun. And I will certainly have my Summer Travel Essentials on hand throughout to ensure my summer is stress-free and easy. P & G and Parent Club want to make your summer easier with this Summer Travel Essentials #Giveaway…

Summer Essentials #Giveaway

Tips For Summer Essentials

For overnight vacations: don’t pack full size bottles of anything (they take up space and you can’t take liquids on airplanes anyway). Take what you need for a day or so and then buy the family size of whatever you need at your destination. Example: pack travel size container of  Scope Outlast rather than packing the big bottle.

family travel packing listMake a family travel packing list - this is a sanity saver! I print off a copy for myself and one for each of my big kids (they can pack their own things and check off the list as they go – it allows them some freedom of packing choices while I still ensure they have everything they need.

Be ready for the unexpected mess. From  packing Pampers Sensitive wipes  in your beach bag – not only for diaper changes but for wiping hands before a picnic to Puffs Basic Tissues for juice box spills…it’s good to pack to be prepared. I also recommend packing band aids. Just. In. Case.

Snacks and water are absolute summer travel essentials. From granola bars to cut fruit to crackers or dry cereal – sometimes a snack can make the difference between a grumpy family and a happy family. Same goes for water (hydrate hydrate hydrate).


We’ve gathered some of the top P&G essentials for any travel vacation this summer.  This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.  This giveaway is valued at $50* and includes:

  • Febreze Car Vent Clip Air Freshener
  • Febreze Fabric Refresher Extra Strength
  • Scope Outlast
  • Charmin Basic
  • Puffs Basic Tissues
  • Pampers Sensitive wipes
  • Bounce Free & Sensitive Dryer Sheets
  • Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action Manual Toothbrush
  • ORAL B Pro-Health Glide Floss
  • Bounty DuraTowels White Paper Towels 2 King Rolls 49 Sheets

Good luck and play safe this summer!

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Father’s Day Gift Idea: The Home Depot & #Giveaway

Father’s Day is Sunday June 15th. I have a present Dad will love! Check out this Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Home Depot & #Giveaway. And this giveaway has a short turn around so that the lucky winner can get the gift in times for Father’s Day to give to the special Dad in your life…

Father's Day Gift Ideas The Home Depot Giveaway

One of my prince’s favourite stores is The Home Depot (we could call it his second home really).  From little things like washers  to big things like air compressors it’s easy to find everything you need to build, maintain, and fix up a home.

And we can’t forget the garden section, patio furniture and the BBQ sections (perfect for outdoor summer entertaining!). I know I could find at least 10 things at The Home Depot that my prince would love to receive for Father’s Day.

The Home Depot has many locations across Canada making it an easy place to shop (seriously I have at least three stores in close driving distance from me). Plus, they deliver! Think about getting something for you Dad on the other side of the country….it’s as easy as browse, click, buy, and have them deliver. From small budget to big budget – everyone can find something special for Dad at The Home Depot.




The Home Depot wants to make Father’s Day shopping easier for one lucky Parent Club reader! Enter for a chance to win this RYOBI Brad Nailer (approx. value $149). Amazing right?! This giveaway is open to residents of Canada excluding Quebec.  Also, this giveaway has a short turn around to ensure the winner will get the RYOBI Brad Nailer in time for Father’s Day. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  [Read more...]

Hot Wheels #Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win this $50 Hot Wheels giveaway.

Hot Wheels #Giveaway

Remember all the fun that was had in my Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge? Here’s sending the fun right back to one lucky Parent Club reader with an awesome and easy giveaway. Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge

Check out the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge page to get tips about building your own amazing track. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.  [Read more...]

Whistle Kids #Giveaway

Searching for Spring clothes for my son – I realize he has grown out of everything! You too?! Well, this Whistle Kids #Giveaway will certainly make the Spring shopping of one lucky Parent Club reader a whole lot easier…

whistle kids giveaway

When I look for new Spring clothes for my kids I look for comfort, quality, and wear-a-bility. Can they layer it? Can they run in it? (because you know kids run). Is it machine washable? Will they love it? (last one probably the most important of all because you know your kids…if they love it they will wear it).

Newly opened on Avenue Road (here in Toronto), children’s retailer Whistle Kids offers fashion-forward spring looks for kids of all ages! With brands like Appaman, Isabelle & Chloe, Mini Mioche, and more…you know you are getting quality kids wear. Just look at what they are flagging as Spring Trends

whistle kids


If you love a boutique shopping experience…then you have to check out Whistle Kids. It is certainly for the fashion forward families.  Their philosophy speaks to all parents…

“Whistlekids creates a friendly boutique experience for children and parents alike. We’ve hand selected the most stylish pieces from across the globe

Always keeping in mind quality, comfort and value, for those we cherish the most - Our Children.”

Connect with Whistle Kids:

Whistle Kids


Enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Whistle Kids. I do note – Whistle Kids does not have an online store thus you will have to go to the Avenue Road location in order to shop (but a field trip can be a great activity n’est pas?! – and if you live out of town – you can always ask a Toronto friend to do some shopping for you.). This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. +18yrs.  [Read more...]

Gifts For Mom and an Umbra #Giveaway

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Buying for Maman can be tough – so this is the post where I try to make life a little easier by sharing some ideas on Gifts For Mom and an Umbra #Giveaway. So what are you thinking of gifting Mom this year…

Gifts for Mom

Gifts For Mom

  • little black dress $20.00
  • foresta turtle jewelry box $20.00
  • burst jewelry tree $20.00
  • ulove wall multi frame $40.00
  • mantra wall decor $30.00
  • family tree frame $50.00
  • pelica book prop $20.00

All of the above items are available at Umbra

Gifts For Mom Tips…

Think about what Mom would love. Kitchen gadgets? Wine bottle opener? Picture frame? Bath items? Fun small things? I’m one of those Mom’s who love it all. However the Pelica book prop pictured above is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me…wouldn’t a copy of Boredom Busters look great on it?!

Think beyond YOUR Mom. Do you Mother’s Day shop for your Mother-in-law? Grandma? Aunt? Friend? Favourite Mom neighbour? Shop at Umbra now for your Mother’s Day gift giving…and enter the giveaway below for a belated gift (or you could keep it for yourself!…I won’t tell).

And I’m thrilled to share this exclusive deal for Parent Club readers. You can get free shipping (valid May 7-24, 2014) by using the promo code*: PARENTCLUB at checkout on! No minimum purchase required, valid with regular priced items only.

*Valid for Canada and US (excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Western Territories and Hawaii). Promo code cannot be stacked with any other promotion


The folks at Umbra want to help make your Mother’s Day shopping a little easier. Enter for a chance to win a Family Tree Frame from Umbra ($50 value!). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico, Western Territories and Hawaii,  and Canada, excluding Quebec.  [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Blurb books (and a #Giveaway)

I love this Mother’s Day Gift Idea because it is unique, easy, and a great keepsake. Create a book using Blurb for Mom. I’ve created a book myself on Blurb and I can tell you – it’s was a great experience (more on that below). So here is a Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Blurb books (and a #Giveaway)…

blurb giveaway

I created a Blurb book for a baby shower a few years ago. I included “articles” like: what to pack in your diaper bag, Mom advice, and activities to do with babies. The layouts were easy to use. Uploading pictures were a breeze. Hit send to publish. And fast delivery. It was simply a seamless experience. And pretty great if you are a book lover like me.

Mother’s Day Blurb Book Creation Ideas…

  • a photo book (think: family pictures, travel pics, grandchildren!)
  • portfolio book (think: their artwork, kids artwork)
  • recipe book (think: put all those family meals into words)
  • Self-published book (think: take Mom’s dusty manuscript and self-publish it for her)

I pretty much love all of those blurb book ideas. The on-demand print aspect of Blurb helps keep costs down (and I loved the fact that after a few family members fell in love with my Blurb book they could easily go online and order copies for themselves at a great price).

And for those closet writers who have always wanted that book published…

If you’re looking to sell your book to the public, we have two distribution options to help you reach your readers. Blurb Direct Sell puts your book directly in front of your audience through your own website, blog, or Facebook page. Blurb to Amazon makes it easy to sell your print book on for maximum reach. And if you’ve published an ebook with Blurb, we can help you submit it to the Apple iBookstore in minutes.



Blurb wants to help make your Mother’s Day easier. Enter for a chance to win a $50 promo code discount to Blurb (great for making a book for Mom…or just for yourself!). This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. 

* Offer valid through July 31, 2014 (11:59 p.m. local time). A $50 discount is applied toward your product total. Valid for printed books only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

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Nomie Baby #Giveaway

One of the most practical baby gear items I have is our stroller blanket. From baby-hood to pre-school-hood, a stroller blanket is the first line of defence against wind, rain, ice, and snow for Fall, Winter, and Spring. I have a few tips on what to look for in a stroller blanket…along with this amazing Nomie Baby #GiveawayNomie baby #giveaway

Tips for Buying A Stroller Blanket…

Warmth factor is my first criteria for finding a stroller blanket. Being a Mom who stroller-pushes 4 seasons, I need to know my child will be warm in -30 weather. I like how the nomie baby stroller blankets are fleece lined and wind resistant (you will want this for your child…when you walk in snow, rain, and wind storms…trust me…been there…done that.).

Next, I suggest your look for something washing machine & dryer friendly. The bottom of the stroller blanket can get pretty dirty from snow boots! Snack spillage also happens on stroller blankets so you want something which cleans easy (who wants to add “take stroller blanket to cleaner” on their to-do list?!).

Next, consider size. Do you want an infant stroller blanket? A toddler stroller blanket? Personally, I lean towards a toddler stroller blanket (because infants grow out of baby gear so fast…I knew my toddler would get the most use out of a toddler blanket).

Then think colour. Do you want a stroller blanket colour specific to a boy or girl. Or something neutral which can pass down to siblings or friends? Me?…I think Nomie Baby’s black toddler stroller blanket with blue fleece works for both boys and girls.

nomie baby

TIP: do your web research before buying. I was happy to find some great sale items on the Nomie Baby site!


Enter for a chance to win your own Nomie Baby stroller blanket (approx. value $58) . Winner gets to choose colour and size of stroller blanket. Open to residents of U.S. and Canada, excluding Quebec. [Read more...]

Protinis Complete Protein Snack

These is a new way to make lunch easier and full of protein. I stumbled on the NEW Protinis Complete Protein Snack at my grocery store a few weeks ago…and they have fast become a staple in our fridge. So much so, that when grocery shopping with my teen, she asked to buy Protinis by name…and that never happens…Oh, and there is a FLASH GIVEAWAY below!


So my kids prefer the Protinis oven roasted chicken + cranberry. But there are other choices available: oven roasted chicken + superfruit (cranberries & blueberries), sweet Thai Chilly chicken, mild salsa chicken, oven roasted chicken + mango, honey garlic chicken (I bet my family would like that one too!), oven roasted chicken + apple, and oven roasted chicken.

What I have found it that these Protinis are easy and healthy snack choices. From adding it to a green salad to putting it in school lunch to a before karate class power snack – Protinis are simple but fill the nibble cravings.

Protinis Complete Protein Snack

A “complete protein” contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. Examples of foods with complete protein: milk, eggs, fish, meat and poultry, like the delicious chicken bites in PROTINIS™!

Protinis Complete Protein Snack

I love that Protinis come two to a pack – so that my tween can take one for lunch and I can serve the other to my toddler (with crackers of course…he eats everything with crackers these days).

TIP: I recommend re-using the Protinis package for a Boredom Buster. It can be easily be cleaned and re-purposed as a paint pot – super handy for kids’ art activities!


Enter for your chance to win 5 Protinis coupons to give this new complete protein snack a try.  Enter via rafflecopter form below. Two winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. 

Deal: Get your $2.00 off Protinis coupon here!

Connect with Maple Leaf Foods on Facebook

Connect with Maple Leaf Foods on Twitter
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Spring Cleaning is going to be greener and easier for one lucky Parent Club winner due to this #Giveaway. Ready for some eco-luv? Products safe for kids, pets, and the environment?! Then, this giveaway is for you… #giveaway

I have used in the past and was very impressed with their prices and fast delivery. Really, if you need a box of diapers delivered…I recommend! They also have a great sale section where you can stock up on your everyday items with serious savings.  I also bought the best cloth swim diaper (Made in Canada!) on

Spring means Spring Cleaning and Well. ca wants to help you do that in a green way this year. Try’s Green Spring Cleaning Starter Kit where you can save on green cleaning products. President and CEO, Rebecca McKillican Top Tips for greening your cleaning…

1.    Pay attention to ingredients: Know what’s in your cleaning products because that’s what is going on your counter, on your clothes and into your water supply when you wash it down the sink. And pay attention – harmful things like Phthalates are not always disclosed on a label, so watch for “fragrances,” which usually contain more than just a pleasant scent.

2.    Check where it’s made: Different countries have different laws about ingredient disclosure. Buy Made-In-Canada products as much as possible.

3.    Know where to use them: You don’t want to use your bathroom cleaner on your new wood coffee table, and you shouldn’t use a lemon-based cleaner on a marble countertop.


Enter for a chance to win a bundle of green cleaning products (approx. value $50) from to help make your Spring cleaning a little easier. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.  [Read more...]