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It was one of the BEST live concerts for kids I have ever seen…we were out-of-our-seats when they sang “Mover Music (Jump Up!)“,  they were awesome at engaging kids to sing and move, nothing “silly” (you know how some live performances for kids can be over-the-top silly – I so dislike that)… AND my ds and I had the opportunity to meet the guys in person….this is our #WW w linky Imagination Movers

Parent Club w linky Imagination

The Imagination Movers (Rich, Scott, Dave, and Smitty) were all incredibly nice to all the kids.  No lip syncing or pre-recorded soundtracks – they played live – and it was the same great quality as when you see them on their show on Disney Junior Canada. I would love to see them again…and you can too!

Imagination Movers Live In Concert Canadian tour runs from Sept 13 – Oct 1 from west coast to east coast. You can get complete details and purchase tickets online at Disney Junior. Guys, I highly recommend seeing them – we had such a good time!.

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