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You might have seen it on my instagram last week…but it rings true always…

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  1. Karen E. Hill says:

    I am at a loss for word as its Tuesday.

  2. So is adulthood ;)

  3. Yum! What a great photo.

  4. That is very true!!

  5. Favorite part of baking, Happy Mothers Day!

  6. Yum i want sum heheh!

  7. I still love licking the spoon! Happy WW!

  8. Totally agree!! And parenthood is about us re-living that childhood with them ;) LOL

  9. Maybe true for adulthood to.

  10. Oh, yeah! Especially if it’s a chocolate-covered spoon.

  11. Best part of baking! Not just for kids tho =P #WW

  12. So true….honey, chocolate, frosting… it’s all good!

  13. It doesn’t apply to children only. I still like licking the spoon. lol Happy WW!

  14. so very VERY true!! :)

  15. Is there anything better than baking with your darlin’s and teaching them the age old tradition of licking the spoon?

  16. My little one anticipates the spoon licking throughout the entire baking process. She ask at least every 5 seconds :) I have thousands of photos with her with batter all over her face.

  17. I’m never growing up :)

  18. Sweet… Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)

  19. Nothing better than licking the spoon!

  20. Yes it is! Childhood IS about licking the spoon!

  21. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Have to admit I still do this :)

  22. My brother and I would fight like crazy over the spoon when we were growing up. Now, it is my daughters doing the fighting :).

  23. Totally one of the best parts of childhood…which may still happen in adulthood…

  24. Awesome photo! Both the kids fight for the spoon in our house :)

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