Semi-Formal, Prom, Grad Fashion Tips

Just back from dress shopping with my 13 year old for her “graduation” outfit thus I thought it timely to share some Semi-Formal, Prom, Grad Fashion Tips. Check out these cost-saving tips…

Semi-Formal, Prom, Grad Fashion Tips

Semi-Formal, Prom, Grad Fashion Tips

  • Sleek Cutout Maxi Dress CAD $23.80, Forever 21
  • Power Brunch Flounce Dress CAD $23.80, Forever 21
  • Pleated dress $19.95, H & M
  • Dress in a lyocell blend $24.95, H & M
  • BELTED HI-LO DRESS $20.00, Urban Planet
  • EYELET FLARE TANK DRESS $20.00, Urban Planet

Yes, I do look at price. Not being cheap but she will grow out of this dress by next season. Do I want to invest a fortune in a grad dress? No thanks. Visa Canada recently released a survey showing thrifty Canadians spend 26% less than Americans on Prom (so I’m not alone in my prom planning philosophies).

I also look at functionality and fashion. Can she dress it up or dress it down? Can she wear it again? (we do have a few weddings coming up).


  1. stacey dempsey says

    The link didn’t work for me either but from your write up I like that it can track spending . My daughter is graduating this year and it has been a bit bumpy with what she wants and what we can afford and deciding what things I pay for and what she should pay for as she wants a lot of things that are definitely extras so we have been muddling our way through but I don’t think she has realised how much it all adds up to.

  2. Darlene W says

    Budget is the big word for Prom, formal or grad, this APP helps you keep to your budget and track your expenses.

  3. Amy Lovell says

    I like how it helps parents plan so they can work out a budget beofre they go to the sotre with their child

  4. says

    I like that it helps you track your spending and stay on budget Great for a teen or young adult learning to manage their budget before heading to college or university

  5. darci says

    I love that it keeps you aware of your spending and is a great way to keep teens accountable for their purchases…YES those slurpees and iced drinks add up…they eat away at your $$$ rather quickly! skip 5 of them and you have $20….

  6. michelle says

    I love that it tracks my spending cause I dont do it in my head, this was I can make sure nto to blow the budget too much

  7. Dayna Wilson says

    I like that the app encourages smart budgeting in a demographic that’s about to move off into the world, and thus can really benefit from it.

  8. Jen C AKA @JusticeSadie says

    I like that the app allows you to track spending so you can stay on budget. I follow on Pinterest.

  9. Angela Mitchell says

    I’ve always thought it was crazy how much money is spent on prom/grad now. When I graduated back in the 90’s, I bought my dress at a vintage store for $25 lol! I love that this app helps teens and parents think about ways to cut costs and help set priorities.

  10. Bev says

    I like that the app has a timeline component to it to make sure you plan for prom in a timely manner.

  11. Lori Bazan says

    Prom/grad is super expensive and I love that it has a budget tracker to manage what you are spending

  12. JaimeeM says

    I love the money saving apps that are out now! Prom is one over the top too expensive event. Its great to see an app that can help cut the costs down


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