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One of the most practical baby gear items I have is our stroller blanket. From baby-hood to pre-school-hood, a stroller blanket is the first line of defence against wind, rain, ice, and snow for Fall, Winter, and Spring. I have a few tips on what to look for in a stroller blanket…along with this amazing Nomie Baby #GiveawayNomie baby #giveaway

Tips for Buying A Stroller Blanket…

Warmth factor is my first criteria for finding a stroller blanket. Being a Mom who stroller-pushes 4 seasons, I need to know my child will be warm in -30 weather. I like how the nomie baby stroller blankets are fleece lined and wind resistant (you will want this for your child…when you walk in snow, rain, and wind storms…trust me…been there…done that.).

Next, I suggest your look for something washing machine & dryer friendly. The bottom of the stroller blanket can get pretty dirty from snow boots! Snack spillage also happens on stroller blankets so you want something which cleans easy (who wants to add “take stroller blanket to cleaner” on their to-do list?!).

Next, consider size. Do you want an infant stroller blanket? A toddler stroller blanket? Personally, I lean towards a toddler stroller blanket (because infants grow out of baby gear so fast…I knew my toddler would get the most use out of a toddler blanket).

Then think colour. Do you want a stroller blanket colour specific to a boy or girl. Or something neutral which can pass down to siblings or friends? Me?…I think Nomie Baby’s black toddler stroller blanket with blue fleece works for both boys and girls.

nomie baby

TIP: do your web research before buying. I was happy to find some great sale items on the Nomie Baby site!


Enter for a chance to win your own Nomie Baby stroller blanket (approx. value $58) . Winner gets to choose colour and size of stroller blanket. Open to residents of U.S. and Canada, excluding Quebec.a Rafflecopter giveaway


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