Valentine’s Day Non-Candy Treat Ideas

I try to go the no-chocolate/no-candy Valentine’s Day treat route (with food sensitivities, food allergies, and sugar highs I opt on the side of safe!). I have 12 Valentine’s Day Non-Candy Treat Ideas which will make great Valentine’s Day Class Treats!

Valentine's Day Non-Candy Treat Ideas

12 Valentine’s Day Non-Candy Treat Ideas

  1. Zipit Monster Zipper Twister Pencil Case, Mastermind Toys
  2. Elope Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Mastermind Toys
  3. PLAY-DOH Valentines Bag, Target
  4. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, Loblaws
  5. Valentines Day Lip Whistles, Party City
  6. Valentines Day Glitter Pencils 12ct, Party City
  7. Valentines Day Mega Sticker Box 1000ct, Party City
  8. Touchable Bubbles Test Tube, Mastermind Toys
  9. Safari Limited Lion Good Luck Mini Figure, Mastermind Toys
  10. Valentine’s Day Krazy Straw, Party City
  11. Valentines Day Puzzle Cube, Party City
  12. Glow Stick Necklace, Party City

List not in order?! True. We could call it a Valentine’s Mix n’ Match game or Valentine’s Bingo activity or simply there-are-not-enough-hours-in-my-day (last one is my pick).

Feelin’ DIY for Valentine’s Day? Try my Valentine’s Day Class Treats suggestions on how to make a Valentine’s Day pencil holder or Valentine’s Day ruler holder.

I do give sweets to my kids on Valentine’s Day (after school!)…I just think…if I was a teacher…I wouldn’t want 30 kids in my class in arms-reach to sugar while on school time.

Therefore, I’m pretty sure this is will be our après l’école Valentine’s Day sweet treat…sugar high on my time?…yes please!

Easy Chocolate Trifle

My Easy Chocolate Trifle recipe. It is amazeballs 😉


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    some good tips for non-candy treats. Though I must say there was never all this hype about sweets when I was a child nor when my own children were small. I know that my grandchildren don’t get many, it usually ends up with half of their Halloween collection being dumped so the bucket’s free for the next Halloween as it looms closer.


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