Family Outing Tips – 5 Items To Pack

Family Day, March Break, P.D. Days, and more…this is the post where I share my essential Family Outing Tips – 5 Items To Pack…they have saved my bacon a time or two…Family Outing Tips - 5 Items To Pack

Family Outing Tips – 5 Items To Pack

These 5 items are always in my diaper bag – and are my go-tos for when we are road tripping, standing in line, waiting our turn, or coming home from a family field trip. Seriously, they may sound simple but they could make the difference between having a great family day out or a horrible bad no-good unpleasant family day out.

  1. Snacks – the best fast food is food that is fast…like the snacks you already have in your bag! No line ups, no debit card, no french fries…food from home is great because it costs nothing (you’ve already paid for it) and you can control type and quantity of snack. Cut veggies (carrot sticks anyone?), fruit slices (yum apples), granola bars, homemade muffins, crackers, dry cereal, trail mix. I have quashed many a waiting-in-line meltdown by simply offering a snack to keep the kids busy and fill their hunger.
  2. Bubbles – sounds crazy right?! I stumbled on this idea watching a nanny blow bubbles at a playground (read 5 Things To Take To The Playground for the full story). Mini-bubbles can entertain kids for minutes upon minutes. Individually or in a group. Let them blow. You pop. You blow. They pop. Perfect boredom buster!
  3. SmartPhone – so useful! From a safety tool (always good to have a phone) to camera to map (always good to know where you are going) to public transit updates – from an adult perspective a SmartPhone is a must-pack item. Add in the kid-friendly benefits: music for an impromptu dance party in line (it has happened), games to keep them calm on the drive home, videos to entertain them while you are stuck in traffic…so many good uses for a SmartPhone.
  4. Water – hydrate! From a sip for a tired toddler to a gulp for a thirsty teen – water is a great thing to have on hand. I don’t always love carrying a full water bottle (it can make my diaper bag heavy) so I sometime carry a half full one (less weight) and then fill it up at drinking fountains when we are at our destination.
  5. Wipes – because messes happen. Yes, I love wipes. From wiping bums after a diaper change to wiping tables before we eat to wiping hands after our fun has been had…wipes clean the messes in life.


  1. francine says

    great ideas. these are all things I bring already except for the bubbles. I also have extra diapers for my youngest and a change of clothes for my oldest.

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