COVERGIRL Makeup Tips & #Giveaway

Feel beautiful and you will look beautiful – a philosophy I truly believe.  Now do I follow it every day?! No – which is why you won’t find selfies of me on twitter. I don’t always feel beautiful…and I should…shouldn’t I? So this is the post where I share some COVERGIRL Makeup Tips to truly feel beautiful and get those #covermoments…COVERGIRL make up tips


noun: The moment one feels her most beautiful and empowered self and wants to share it with the world.

In my experience, applying makeup is the final stage to my feeling beautiful. First, I have to relax. Taking care of kids, laundry, errands, and writing Boredom Busters made me feel rushed and anxious – now I relax – well, I’m trying ;-) . Next, I need to have a plan (if I am organized I feel more in control). Lastly, I need to give myself the permission to have a minute or two of Me-time (from just putting on lipstick before I start my work-at-home day to the full-make-up-routine for going to a media event – Me-time is great for making me feel empowered). These three points are my #covermoment triangle. If I can get all three in a day…I feel awesome. Like that day I met P!nk…

Caroline Fernandez and Pink

Caroline Fernandez and P!nk

Lipstick, eye pencil (smudged – more on that below) and some eye shadow. That was all I needed to say yes to a taking a photo next to a rock star. Here are a few COVERGIRL Makeup Tips to feel like a rockstar yourself…

COVERGIRL Makeup Tips*

Foundation Tip: Don’t wear the same foundation with a summer tan as you would in the winter. Skin colour changes with the seasons, so your foundation should change, too.

Eye Tip: Smudging pencils and liners can create a smoky look. It can also soften your look.

Lip Tip: Quiet pinks and sheer textures are ideal for warm weather; creamy dark wines and plums are ripe for winter.

  • Olive skin looks best in light browns with warm tones, or dark brownish-reds. Stay away from pinks or orange-reds!
  • Fair complexions fare well with shades that have a warm pink or peachy glow, or dramatic reds with a bluish tint.
  • Dark skin is flattered by deep reds with blue or purple tones, or deep reddish-browns. Avoid pinks or orange-reds!
* Courtesy of COVERGIRL


Enter for a chance to win a COVERGIRL makeup bundle to make you feel empowered like a rock star (and even take that selfie and post it!). Enter via the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win…

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  1. Being confident and accepting of my weaknesses.

  2. My family makes me feel beautiful.

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  4. My daughter makes me feel beautiful. She tells me how pretty I am even when I look a mess

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  12. my husband :)

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  15. my daughter and husband make me feel beautiful even with me having a disability!

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  18. Getting my hair and make up done makes me feel beautiful.

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  22. My husband makes me feel beautiful.

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