Halloween Decorations and Costume Ideas

Looking for an easy Halloween decoration DIY to do with your kids? Need inspiration on creative, unique and inexpensive Halloween costumes? I’ve been writing Halloween articles all over the internet and thought to share them here with you. From a Milk Jug Ghost to Halloween costume swap there are lots of things to make Halloween a little easier.

Milk Jug Ghost DIY

I wrote a step-by-step DIY on how to make a Milk Jug Ghost over on my yummymummyclub.ca column.  It is a great way to re-purpose a milk jug and also a flameless alternative to a candle (plus, if you are like me and no good with weapons – this takes the pumpkin carving knife out of your hands completely!).

Trivia: Did you know I’m a regular special contributor to CityLine.ca? *proud*

Check out my latest CityLine article for tips for Creative, unique and inexpensive Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween Costume Ideas


From a costume swap – to a thrift shop visit – to creating a costume from stuff you already have in the house…the emphasis in this article is on low-budget (and by that I mean cheap) costumes. Kids never wear the same costume two years in a row (heaven forbid) and often outgrow them anyway – so, this year, take these tips and keep the Halloween budget ghoulishly good-n’-low.

My kids already have their Halloween costumes at the ready – Oldest will be an “Old Lady” (thanks to a visit to Grandma’s closet and grey wig), 2nd child will be a “Baby” (thanks to an adult-sized Snugabye sleeper I have plus a borrow of the soother her baby brother never used) and baby will be a “Pumpkin” (thanks to a hand-me-down costume from a neighbour). Halloween costumes cost this year = $0.00

What are your costume ideas this year?




  1. Andrea B. says

    I really love the milk jug ghosts! Our milk is almost gone, going to try this! Esp. love the Charlie Sheen costume, lol!

  2. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says

    I went to a local thrift store because I had no idea what to dress my 3 year old son as this year. After being in the store 10 seconds…I saw the costume I wanted! COOKIE MONSTER!!! It was $4.99 and is so cuddly soft. My son will be warm as toast this Halloween night. I’m going as ELMO because there was an Elmo costume I could fit! We are going to look great!

    • parentcl says

      I love thrift stores for that – good price, a quick wash in the laundry and the costume is as good as new. I bet you’ll be the cuties cookie monster and elmo on the block.

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