Travel with Kids Tip

What is the one must pack item in your carry-on when you travel with kids? I will give you a hint: it’s lightweight, portable, washable, and compact. As a Mom who has travelled extensively with babies, toddlers and big kids (France, Dominican Republic, Spain, United States, Amsterdam, Germany, Canada) I have one must pack item for every trip. A shawl. Simple yet so multi-purpose!

A shawl is my absolute must-have for travel (long haul or short trip).

It can be a baby blanket. A one-size-fits-all sweater. A picnic blanket. A table-cloth. A pillow. A comfort item (example: the time we forgot to pack middle daughter’s rabbit doll). A shawl can fit in a bag, be crunched in a suitcase and popped in the bottom of a stroller basket. They keep your next warm on chilly flights and keep your legs cozy on long drives.

Not to mention they come in such lovely colours. Seriously, I have a bunch of shawls and use them all!

Travelling with kids…you should take a shawl…I know this by experience.


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