Slow Cooker Recipes

I call it “arsenic hour” – the hour before dinner when I am supposed to be chopping, cutting and cooking however instead I am supervising, coaching and baby-holding. The end of day rush (after-school yet before dinner) is my most frustrating time of the day. The kids need my attention, the baby is fussy and I am simply tired. I find the days I use my slow cooker – end of day is so much better.

My mother-in-law gave me our slow cooker years ago (she had one and thought it was great). Over the years, I have used the cooker for stews, soups and tomato sauces. It seriously saves my sanity. I can do the chopping, cutting and cooking in the afternoon when the big kids are at school and the baby is down for his nap. Then it cooks away without me.

The end of day rush becomes less rush-y as dinner is already on the go…giving me time to supervise homework, hear the stories of the day and give our hugs with reckless abandon.

I’m already menu planning…

Slow Cooker Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe to make now for when those fall coughs and colds start visiting.

Slow Cooker Three-Bean Chili Recipe for my husband and dear daughter #2 who both enjoy chili on a chilly day.

Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Soup Recipe because we just started eating barley and this recipe sounds delish!

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  1. Andrea B. says

    Thank you for these! I was just thinking about a slow cooker chicken soup and this looks like the perfect recipe for me to try!

  2. Glogirl says

    The Slow Cooker Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe looks really good! The slow cooker is so handy to start a meal in the morning and it’s ready by supper time!

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