How to buy shoes for kids

ChristopherClementoni, Reebok Brand Marketing Representative

Fit, fashion and function all come into play when deciding how and which shoe to buy for your kids. Features to look for in kids’ footware includes lightweight, comfort, and construction.Whether playing at park, running in the playground or hanging at home kids need running shoes which are comfortable and supportive. I was recently invited to a lunch and learn with Reebok to find out more about their new ZigTech and ZigLite footwear lines.

How do you make sure the shoe fits the child? Have them put on the shoe, go for a walk (to get their foot in place) and then check the front of the shoe – if you can put a half a thumb between the big toe and the tip of the shoe – it fits (thanks to Christopher Clementoni, Reebok Brand Marketing Representative that tip!)

The Reebok ZigTech kids and ZigLitekids’ footwear collections are ultra-lightweight. My DS can run, walk, and climb with ease in these shoes.  When I shop for shoes for my children the first thing I look for is a good fit. The second is price point. The right shoe is an investment in your child’s health and activity. Kids are active and you want to ensure you buy a shoe which will keep their feet, legs and back healthy as they go.

Reebok ZigTech kids’ footwear is designed to reduce wear and tear in key leg muscles while offering a comfortable fit for athletes of all ages.

Sizes: Grade school (sizes 3.5–7) Preschool (sizes 10.5–3) Toddlers(sizes 4-10) – picture above is toddler size 5 and is a great fit for my 19 month old son.

Available in a variety of colours Reebok has certainly put thought into the looks which appeal to the toddler, kid and tween shoe shopper. I personally, love the zigzag of the bottom of the shoes – so unique!

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Disclosure: Reebok Zig shoes were provided for a hands-on (er…feet on) experience of these shoes. The opinions in this post are my own.

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