Back-To-School: The Children’s Place Kids Clothes

Now is the time for back-to-school shopping for kids. Growth spurts and changing styles make fall a perfect time to invest in a kid-friendly wardrobe. My girls went up a size each during the summer and the jeans, shirts and shoes of last spring just don’t fit at all. I, like many Moms, am off have been shopping for clothes that fit the kid as well as the family budget. The Children’s Place fit my shopping criteria like size 12 jeans fit my size 12 kid – perfect.

Personally, I love to see well laid out clothes, pictures of kids wearing store clothes and displays with outfits already matched (I’m all about the “easy shopping” type of shopping experience). You see from my pics…The Children’s Place makes for easy shopping.  Shirts and coordinating sweaters, pants and shoes all placed together so you can quickly find what you need (especially good when you are shopping with little ones and you need to get in and get out fast!).

Tho my kids don’t go to uniform school – I kinda love the uniform look (easy right?).  Crisp, clean, classic look for kids.

The pants (above) can go through different seasons because they have a button to roll the pants to capris (and with the differing temps in fall it’s nice to have pieces of clothing that provide kids different options).

Girls utility pants: $14.00

Paisley chiffon top: $16.09

Hooded sweater vest: $16.79

That is $46.88 for an entire outfit (plus she can mix and match with jeans, t-shirts and other layers). Fashion + budget-friendly = happy Mom

And a bit of a shopping tip: has a great on-line clearance section to get good deals shipped directly to your door. I am all for shopping at home during nap time.

Disclosure: The Children’s Place helped with our Back-To-School shopping (which was an easy shopping experience!). The opinions in this post are my own


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