Back-to-School: Routine

We are slowly introducing a back-to-school routine for the kids to ease them out of summer schedule and into the more formal school routine. From adjusting bedtimes (I confess: the kids’ stayed up to 11 o’clock at the cottage) to eating healthier meals (healthy bodies make learning better). Back-to-school routine is important for kids as well as parents.

The go-to-bed-late/wake-up-late routine of summer just won’t fly come September. Not only for the school-aged kids but also my busy toddler  needs to get back on routine (because he can’t stay up late if I’m going to bed early!).

No more snoozing on the couch (or high chair). Back to a proper bedtime (and nap time) routine. And funnily, I’m finding everyone is less grouchy come 4pm with this better sleep routine (including myself!).

We are also back to using lunch boxes (yes, I timed camp right this year). The school aged kids are getting back into the routine of a boxed lunch and healthy snacks. Full disclosure: summer eating was lazy and not quite healthy this year – I admit it. Lunch boxes force me to prep 2 fruits, 1 lunch, 2 drinks, 1 crunchy item and 1 sweet snack per day/per kid. It is not only better eating…it makes my grocery shopping easier and more organized.

I have been inspired by Deb Lowther’s photo (in her Parent Club article “Routines For Healthy Learning“) so much that I am now organizing our lunch box containers the night before in the same order.

When you set a routine to lunch box making it makes it so much easier.

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