Back-To-School: Make Lunch Better

Make school lunch better by organizing foods. Re-usable containers, healthy snacks and planning can all help school lunch pack easier and be eaten with more excitement. The last thing you want is for lunch to boomerang back home so follow these tips to make school lunch better.

Grab and Go Snack Box.

Re-purpose one of your bigger containers and make it your go-to spot in the fridge for school lunch foods and after-school snacks. See the example above which I call our “Moo Box” (all dairy). I took the items out of their respective packaging and put them together in one spot. Makes making school lunch easier (plus kids can get what they want out of the Moo Box).

Pack and Go. Pack school lunch in re-usable containers (better for the environment and usually easier opening for kids). Switch up textures, sweet and salty and sizes of food items for variety.

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  1. sassymodernmom says

    I have a spot like that in my cupboard for healthy snacks but adore the idea of a Moo box in the fridge! Great ideas!

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