Summer Family Activities

Playing at the beach is one of our favourite summer family activities.  It’s free, fun and can last a whole day or just a few hours. All we need is a picnic and some sand toys and we are off on a family adventure. The big kids swing in the playground. The baby digs in the sand. It is a perfect summer activity for the whole family.
Since my kids widely range in age (10 years apart between oldest and youngest…yes on purpose) finding fun for everyone can sometimes be hard. Kids are big on screens (tv., video games, computer) which doesn’t go well with a baby…who well…wants to GO. (and plus summer isn’t about screens – its about going outdoors!).

So I try to include an outside activity before the baby’s afternoon nap – allowing us all to get outside.  A trip to the farmer’s market. A good walk (as I push stroller). Bike riding. Water fight. Sometimes we just hang out in the backyard – bringing out balls of different sorts and kicking them around.

We try to do playdates as much as possible where kids and babies can play and socialize. Doesn’t always work to find kids of same age as mine (see age gap above) but as long as the big kids have a friend…the baby is happy to watch and follow them about.

Still on my summer bucket list is: a picnic at Toronto Centre Island. A boat, a picnic and a beach…that just says’ summer n’est pas?

Disclosure:  I am part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. alice says

    I love summer picnics! I can mix two of my favorite things: food and nature, and of course, my family! As a mother of three children I always choose picnic spots where they can enjoy their favorite activities and that’s why Toronto’s High Park is the most popular place in our family when it comes to picnicking. :)

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