President’s Choice S’mores

Chocolate, marshmallows, milk chocolate and graham crackers make the most delicious treat. The perfect dessert for camping, at the cottage or just hanging out by a campfire. Kids love them. Parents too. S’mores are a summer tradition.

President’s Choice has come out with a complete s’mores kit (Kit a guim-o-choco pour les francophones) to make your s’mores making a little easier. I kinda love that you can pick up everything you need in one box rather than search the cookie aisle for the graham crackers – then go to the baking aisle for the marshmallows…less aisle running means I get out of the store quicker…and since I shop with 3 kids…the whole store would like me to get out quicker (especially if the baby is done all his grocery store snacks).

This kit makes about 24 s’mores (more than enough for a cottage trip!).  It also provides directions on how to prep s’mores via campfire, broil or microwave (really, I didn’t know you could microwave them). I’ll be honest – last summer we made s’mores at the cottage — but Mummy was too fire-scared to make a campfire so I had them put forks in the marshmellows and we toasted them over tea candles.

Don’t judge. It worked.

Enter to win a President’s Choice S’mores Kit of your very own.  To enter – comment below where and how you would make s’mores.


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Disclosure: I was provided the opportunity to try President’s Choice S’mores for this review. The opinions and s’more making ways are my own.


  1. Katie K says

    Tea lights idea great. Sooooo, on the TV room floor with my sweetie AFTER the kids have gone to bed!

  2. Tammy says

    I would make them while were camping with marshmallows, graham wafers and banana and chocolate spread! Yum

  3. Soozle says

    I make them most often over the campfire with graham crackers, chocolate chips, marshmallows and peanutbutter!

  4. emma walpole says

    just had an amazing day at the beach and this would have been the perfect way to end it, must look for these next time. Would love to try with a caramilk bar up at the cottage or even a lindt bar

  5. Soozle says

    My favorite method is the campfire with graham crackers, marshmallows, peanutbutter and some chocolate chips! :-)

  6. Tammy says

    Id make them on the beach when we have a campfire with bananas , graham crackers, peanut butter and Hershey choc!!! yumm

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