Parent Club Profiles: Susannah Findlay

Name please.

Susannah Findlay

Your Website?

What’s your specialty?

I’m creative, a multi-tasker, organized and a bit anal.  Comes in handy because I’m a SAHM/part time working mom/mompreneur.

What’s your shameless plug?

Well, Colours To Go products of course for all the kids in your life but I LOVE my H2O Steam Mop.  I know, not sexy at all but soooooo useful.  See, even my favourite product multi-tasks.

Best thing about your work:

The best thing is that I can work from home and my schedule is really flexible.  This is what allowed me to be at home with my kids, be here for them when they’re sick, go on field trips, etc.  I love that they see me contributing to the family and doing something creative that I enjoy too.

Parent or not a parent?

Parent – Mom to two creative, fun and kind kids, daughter 7, son 5-3/4 (he insists on the 3/4)

Share a typical Tuesday.

Tuesdays are actually my quietest days.  Up at 7ish, shower if lucky/necessary, lunch packed for daughter, check emails, breakfasts made & eaten, teeth brushed then off to the bus for her, into the car for my son and I as we head to swim class.  An hour or so later we’re back on the road eating a snack en route.  Most days include a quick side trip for an errand but home to play together (lots of mini-hockey) for an hour or so before  lunch.  At 12:45 I put my son on the bus for afternoon kindergarten, run in, check emails and spend the next 3 hours doing work.  My part time job can be done from home as well as my blogging and making my Colours To Go products so there is always lots to do.  Of course as a multi-tasker I always mix in a little laundry, house work and personal emails here and there.   I’m also on my iPod checking mail, twitter, FB, and Pinterest throughout the day. Kids off the bus at 4.  Snacks and dinner prep.  Dinner on table around 5:30 with whole family.   Baths, stories, bedtime by 8 for the kids.  Most Tuesdays I’m home in the evening but I have my much loved book club once a month and parent council meetings every 2 months or so.  Hang with my hubby until about 10:00 when we both collapse into bed.

Do you blog?

Yes, I started last year and love it.

Do you tweet?

Yup but I’m really inconsistent.  @ColoursToGo

Wallflower or social butterfly?

I’m a social butterfly but I am a bit of a homebody too.  I love spending time with my family and sometimes the urge to stay in gets the best of me but get me out and I’m no shrinking violet.

Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person from Twitter (add why so we can follow them too)…

@ButterflyFilm – this short film is really moving, has a great message and really should be seen by everyone.

@brookeburke – okay, I’m a closet DWTS fan (not so in the closet anymore) and I love that she seems to have a really good family/career balance.

@torianddean – yup, another closet fan of Tori Spelling.  She’s so creative and puts family first.  Can’t explain it but I love a crafty girl.


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