Joyful Moments

I confess…I make the HUGE mistake of not living in the moment (my bad). When I’m at the swings with the kids, I’m mentally making a grocery list. When we are having dinner together, I quiz them down about where I’m supposed to be chauffeuring them over the weekend. When it’s just me and the baby, I break out my blackberry and go on twitter to catch up on current events (really – twitter is my CNN).

And then I capture a moment like this…

image and I realize that I need to be “in the moment” more often.

We need to play more.  We need to go out as a family more.  We need more moments. Because the moments pass by so fast…

That picture is of my son…a year ago. How did a year pass?  It felt like it was just yesterday he was in a jumperoo.  And now he’s sitting all by himself.  Geez Louise his babyhood is zipping past me.

I need to focus on the joyful moments.  And live in them.  Entirely.

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