Healthy Snacks for Kids and Travel

Having just returned from California (read my Disney tips) with 3 kids + 2 five hour flights + 2 three hour car rides…yes all in one trip!…I can tell you snacks are super when you’ve got kids en route.

Dry cereal is my go-to snack because A) no refridgeration required B) fits in a ziplock bag C) all 3 kids can now munch on some sort of dry cereal.  And I like that you can mix it up to personal choice.  For example…

Gluten Free Snack Mix with Chex

DD1 would love this with just the popcorn and Chex .

Cheerios Snack Mix

And both biggies would like this with just the Cheerios and pretzels


And the baby is more than happy with good ol’ Cheerios.

It’s good to have healthy snack choices when you are travelling with kids.  I should know.  I’ve travelled with kids!

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