Parent Club Profiles | Erica Diamond

Name please.

Erica Diamond

Your Website?

What’s your specialty? (work-wise – you’re probably pretty special at a lot of things)

Women’s Success Coach, Speaker, Blogger and Author

What’s your shameless plug? (books, blogs, bling, etc.)

The links to all the fun things I do;

About me and the blog:

About my business book for women;

About being a radio correspondent:

About being a speaker

About being a women’s business consultant

About having my own Erica Diamond Jewelry Collection for

Best thing about your work:

Flexibility to work from home, or anywhere around the world! Just need a coffee and my laptop.

Parent or not a parent?

Parent of two great boys, 4 and 8.

Share a typical Tuesday (really we want to hear how you “do it all”)



Coffee and Blog/ Writing

Return about 50 emails and 10 phone calls

Meeting or Skype consulting

Radio station gig or school volunteer meeting

Lunch in the car

More work for the blog- speaking to brands, lining up speaking engagements, discussing TV pilot, etc…




Hockey arena for boys

Date night or not


Do you blog?

Do you tweet?


Link to a post/portfolio/recipe piece you think shows your most supreme skills:

Wallflower or social butterfly?

Social butterfly

Name 3 people you would like to meet-in-person from Twitter (add why so we can follow them too)…

@Oprah… This is why.

@theellenshow – just check out my bucket lists!

@mariashriver – She has inspired me for years & I”d love to sit down & chat one day.


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