5 things to take to a blogging conference

Just back from the She’s Connected Conference and shortly off to Blissdom Canada I have a few suggestions of what to take to a blogging conference.  5 to be exact.

  1. Your device.  Whether it be a phone, tablet, notepad (the electronic kind) or tablet – you’re device is your connection to the conference…and the conference peeps…and the greater world who want to know what your doing at the conference.  (aside: save your data plan – most blogging conferences have free wifi) You’ll want an integrated camera, notepad application and social media apps like twitter, facebook and google +.  You might event want to blog.
  2. Your business cards to give out to brands, bloggers and friends.  Make sure your biz card includes your name, your niche, your web addy and your @ name (home address not needed).  You can get family friendly priced cards at Vista Print, Moo and my personal fav. Grace Announcements (the latter did mine – read the Parent Club profile of this Canadian mompreneur!)
  3. Your charger.  That low battery warning is an “oh no!” moment at a blogging conference.  Chargers take up little space but can save your sanity big time.
  4. Snacks.  Yes, there may be snacks and meals…and blogging conferences try really hard to accommodate various dietary issues…but snacks are a good thing.  (and if you take chocolate you will be everyone’s BFF at the sugar craving hour).
  5. Your “team”.  One would think a room full of people doing all the same thing would make for competitors but really bloggers create a community of colleagues.  Whether you are a newbie or a veteran to blogging remember that everyone in that room is a part of your team – and as such bring to the field respect, engagement and support.

Blogging and social media conferences are great events to network, learn, question and get inspired.  These 5 things are my go-to tool box.  And every girl deserves some good tools in her life 😉


  1. says

    Where was this blog post last week at this time? I really wish I’d taken your advice and packed a little cache of chocolate! On day two when the Purdy’s lady was gone I suffered abject craving!

  2. says

    Great tips, Caroline! I always manage to forget my chargers. Also, another tip you might like to add for those who drive… take a picture of where you parked your car. Wish I had done that…

  3. parentcl says

    Modern Mom – The tweets about the sugar cravings and wheat fatigue (didn’t know wheat tires you out) after lunch were a many.

    Dana – I was happy to have my little drink supplement in my bag to “boost” myself.

    Diana – taking a pic of your car is a great idea.
    And might I add – keeping your blackberry holstered -two people lost their devices!


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