Pools, kids and drowning: A Big Reminder!

Did everyone hear the recent U.S. study that found a child drowns in a backyard portable pool once every five days in the summer?  (original study is in the Journal of Paediatrics).
From inflatable pools to wading pools even to in-ground pools – this is a big parent reminder – children should be closely supervised around water.
I learnt this the hard way.
A few years ago, the kids were swimming at a friend’s house.  I got out of the water (they were at the edge in the shallow end) to get them towels.  (back up – they were 6 & 8 and had water noodles keeping them up – I wouldn’t leave a toddler or baby ever in water).  So I turned just for a minute to get them a towel.
I was right there.
And I turned to see both kids under water – eyes open – near-drowning.  (Thing 2 had lost her noodle – grabbed Thing 1 – who at that exact moment lost her footing and went under with the weight of her sister holding her). 
And I froze.  You would think Mother instinct would set it.  I would jump to save my babies.  And I was just frozen for seconds.  Precious seconds.  I will never forget freezing.  Ever.
Our friend jumped in.  Propped the girls up.  And they were fine. 
The saying “water is a silent killer” is true – because kids don’t scream while they go under.  I was right there and I didn’t hear a sound.
Keep your kids in arms reach while they enjoy water play this summer.  Take a CPR course (I really need to do this myself). 
Pools should be fun for kids…not deathly.

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