Parent Club Review: President’s Choice

This summer, Canadians can travel around the world without ever leaving the backyard. President’s Choice is celebrating Canada’s culinary cultural mosaic with 1000 Tastes of Canada. The Parent Club test panel was more than ready to get their teeth into this review opportunity.

Fennel Seed Sugar Coated

Most of the kids loved these, especially the 2 1/2 yr old. I personally didn’t like them but then I don’t like black licorice and that is what I found they tasted like. The kids loved the bright colours and I loved the fact that it was a snack that I didn’t worry about the kids choking on.

Barbecue Ribs Baby Back Flavour Chips

The whole family enjoyed these, especially the adults! They had a lot of flavour without a lot of grease. The resealable bag is a great idea though it took us a minute to figure out how to use it. We had to wonder though if anyone actually would reseal the bag…there wasn’t any left in our house to keep fresh.

Blood Orange Italian Soda

Even my very picky nephew enjoyed this refreshing drink. It was not as sickly sweet as typical orange pop and yet sweet enough. The name would have kept me from trying this item but now I’m glad I did. I plan on buying more soon to enjoy during the warm summer days.

Ginger Beer

I hoped to enjoy this one as I have often heard about it. Everyone tried it but most did not enjoy it. My husband thought it was OK but found it a tad bitter for the kids.

Fajita Cooking Sauce

I really enjoyed this sauce. It added a very pleasant taste to the chicken but it was not too overpowering. The older kids (9 & 7) liked it but it was not their favourite. I would buy this again for our next fajita night.

Indian Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce

This was our biggest surprise! We loved this sauce, even the kids! I had made a sample with it to try and the kids actually requested I make it for dinner. I had not introduced the kids to Indian, thinking the flavours may be too strong for them but this sauce was wonderful and easy to cook with.

The Decadent Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie

A new favourite in our house! These are my two favourite flavours together in one cookie. I am a creature of habit and tend to buy the same items every week, even when it comes to cookies. From now on these will be on my list!

Tzatziki Yogurt Dressing

What a nice change. My 7 year old thought it was nice in the pasta salad I made and I enjoyed it on a regular salad as well. It is very much like a creamy cucumber dressing with that extra kick. I am looking forward to adding it to a potato salad soon.


Something I would have walked past in the store and have. The kids loved the light strawberry yogurt taste. It is a nice alternative to typical cookies. The plain packaging however didn’t really give very much information as to what the item was so I imagine a lot of people would not even notice it.

Chili Powder

Something we could not convince the kids to try a spoonful of, lol. Chris added it to is homemade venison jerky and said it added a nice kick. I like to add a bit to spaghetti sauce.

NuPak Hot Pepper Sauce

[My husband] found this added a nice kick to his eggs and other food. It was not as strong of some sauces he has tried but it had a very pleasant flavour. Our 7 year old, who will try anything, tried it and said she liked it. She didn’t want more however so I am guessing it may be an acquired taste.
(This Parent Club test family included parents + 5 children)

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