Parent Club Challenge: Fit-in 15

Ok parents – we (and by we – I mean WE – you and I) are starting the Fit-in 15 challenge – TODAY.

The Fit-in 15 challenge is to build into our (yes busy) day 15 minutes of fitness activities in the categories of cardio-vascular, strength and flexibility.

My fitness issue: Commitment. Yes, I can find 15 minutes today. But tomorrow? The next day? I have commitment issues. So my objective is, to build into my day, 15 minutes of fitness activity no matter what and stick-with-it. (motivate me people!)

My overall goal: Tension relief. Improve endurance. More energy. If you have read me – you know I have a chronic digestive problem which makes me fairly slender. So, I don’t need to lose weight – but I do need to improve my overall health. I want to be able to keep up with my busy little family – don’t you?…(and “don’t you” I mean…don’t you want to be able to keep up with your own busy little family – you don’t need to try to keep up with my busy little family – that would just be weird)

My Fit-in 15 secret plan: Incorporating 15 minutes of focused activity into our regular day to make it easy and manageable for us. So easy and manageable, the fitness activity might become a habit (an enjoyable habit — like getting out the good ice cream after you put the kids to bed).

Do you want to get Fit-in 15? I said DO YOU WANT TO GET FIT-IN 15?! (ok – that’s my best attempt at a boot camp voice). If it isn’t much trouble, could you – pretty please – do the Fit-in 15 with me – please.

One lucky Parent Club reader – who participates in the challenge with me – will be chosen to receive a 4GB iPod Shuffle and a $20 iTunes gift card. Surf over to the Fit-in 15 website to get some tips on what activities we should do, how we should motivate each other, what we are looking to achieve in this. Then come back here and share your comments with Parent Club. Easy-breezy.

Today’s Fitness Menu

  • I am going for a brisk walk to get – our much needed – 4 litres of milk. Will be taking along my ipod for motivation. Will carry 4 litres of milk home (the parent equivalent to free weights) – switching arms half-way through walk to balance out. Then, some shoulder roles.

Challenge closes Wed. June 24th, 2009


  1. cabadov says

    Great idea. I'm doing the EA Sport Active and trying to squeeze 20-25min a day in. It can be hard. Hope to hear how you progress (Day 1 is always easy, it's the next 29 days that are hard).

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