Halloween Trade-it

Around my house – there really aren’t that many trick or treaters so my kids really clean up in the candy department. There is one house that gives cans of pop (makes for one friggin’ heavy loot bag I’ll tell you), there is the house that gives handfuls and handfuls of chocolate (take one more please), there is the house that gave away “God will save you” pamphlets (Why?!). We get a great haul of treats. No one needs that much candy.

Parent Club Halloween tip; Trade-in the Halloween candy. This works with older kids (for the younger ones…just throw out the candy, bag it up to go to the office, or eat it yourself after the kids go to bed). But for older kids…this is a neat tip.

At the end of the week – make a trade-it deal with the kids. If they give you half of the treats which are remaining in their loot bags – they can trade it for something else (a trip to the dollar store, a movie, a play date, an outing).

We’ve done this a couple of years now — and it really works. The kids are excited to do a trade (they usually give away what they don’t like; boxes of raisins, Carmel’s, bubble gum, suckers). The trade gets the loot out of the house – but retains a “treat” feeling as the kids get a new privilege.

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